Springtime Brings Fleas and Parasites!!

Just a reminder that with springtime and warmer weather comes fleas and parasites!! Especially with how inconsistent our weather has been over the last couple of months, you need to make sure that your beloved pets are protected because these pests will be pesky earlier than normal this year! If you find that you are running low or are completely out of your flea and heart worm medication come on up to the office and we can take care of that. 🙂

Otherwise enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather with your four-legged family members!


Suzie the Toy Poodle

Today in the office we had the pleasure of meeting Suzie and her owner Mr. Troupe!

Suzie immediately jumped into our receptionist, Lauren’s, arms and gave her great big kisses!

She has given everyone a smile here in the office today!

Photo: Here is a closer look at just how adorable Suzie is!

Photo: Today we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Troupe and his loving toy poodle, Suzie! Suzie was such a sweetheart!