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Frequently asked questions:

What if I have an emergency after hours?
Dr. Andy now offers emergency services after regular hours. Please call (407)679-7100 for more information. After hour rates apply.

Will Dr. Andy see my bird, ferret, rabbit, etc?
Dr. Andy will never turn away a pet in dire need of care. However, he primarily sees cats and dogs; those with other animals not in an emergency situation will be referred to a different veterinarian.

My pet is on flea medication, but I still find fleas on him/her. Why is this?
If you have multiple pets make sure all of them are on flea medication, even if some of them don’t go outside. If your pet plays with, or in the same area as another pet, make sure the other pets are on the same medication as well. Also, make sure you have the right medication for your pet’s size. Animals gain and lose weight just like people; what started off as being the right size may not be anymore. Keep in mind that the medication isn’t a force field. Fleas can still jump on your pets, but they should die as soon as they bite.

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Do you have a question that is not here? Email Dr. Andy or call (407)679-7100 during business hours.